“Transosseous Academy”, the first international convention and the second annual event, has just finished in Boston. NCS was main sponsor.

Transosseous Academy”, the first international convention and the second annual event, has just finished in Boston. NCS was main sponsor. “Transosseous Academy” is an independent and non-profit association born in order to promote and support scientific research, innovation and foster knowledge sharing on the transosseous surgical technique.
The mission of the association is to put together clinicians, engineers and scientists to create an interactive environment in which propose and carry out research leading to more and more positive results for patients.
Transosseous Academy combines the engineering sphere with the clinical and medical sphere in a brand-new field oriented towards science and the sharing of results. TA’s primary objective is to collect clinical data in order to highlight and support the surgical treatments studied.

NCS | Medical Devices supports the project “Transosseous Academy” realised in Milan during the first meeting in 2017 and in the first international event held in Boston last 10th of November. NCS has always been active in the processes of design and production of implantable biomedical devices intended and dedicated to arthroscopic techniques which became even more effective. For this reason, NCS sustains the mission of Transosseous Academy.

An international faculty held speeches, lectio magistralis and re-live. The various interventions covered all the aspects of transosseous from biomechanics to biology, from the several techniques available today to a new way of collecting in an objective way clinical data leading to clinical results. An exceptional faculty able to elevate scientific content and maintain an interactive and stimulating environment.

NCS and Transosseous Academy would like to thank Dr Alessandro Castagna, chairman and former supporter of TA all the members of the faculty (mentioned below). A sincere thanks to Dr Snyder who shared his unbelievable experience and carrier full of success and innovation.



Stephen Snyder, MD – USA
August Mazzocca, MD – USA
Claudio Chillemi, MD-ITA
Cory Edgar, MD – USA
Myriam Capasso, MD – VE
Andrea Pellegrini, MD – ITA
Jean Kany, MD – FRA
Sumant Krishnan, MD – USA
Uma Srikumaran, MD – USA
Matteo Mantovani, Eng.-ITA