NCS: la nostra identità e i nostri obiettivi 2020

Dear Partner,
It is my pleasure to provide you with an update about who we are and where we are going in the coming year.
I am excited about our many accomplishments and hope that you will be inspired to bring us your ideas and dreams so together we can demonstrate to the world what is possible when great companies work together.

For those of you who don’t know NCS very well it is worth a few comments about who we are and where we’re going.
NCS is a research lab and boutique manufacturer with early roots in the motorsport field and expansion into the  medical field nearly 15 years ago.  

Multiple development and research projects have been completed during this time in a wide variety of  products including prosthesis, internal-external fixation, sports medicine, in vitro diagnostics and lately wearables and electrical stimulation.  We have worked with market leading companies and small start-ups with the same commitment and goal; on time, on budget and with the sole purpose of delivering a superior and unique solution.

Under a single roof we have integrated expertise in materials, processes, engineering, testing, regulatory, biomechanics, electronics, software, and manufacturing.
In short, we are capable of providing everything you need to meet your goal of creating your own product line or helping your customers take their ideas from a dream to reality.

We can provide countless examples of individuals and large companies who came to NCS after exhausting all other possibilities in their quest to bring their idea to reality or their challenge to completion. They were all amazed by the speed, efficiency and results of working with NCS.

This is what we do: we care about your project, we care about our commitments  and we work hard to  bring you a great product on time and on budget!
At NCS we are passionate  about what we do, and we really want you to be successful in order to compete in this difficult global market.
So, don’t be shy, think big and give us a chance to help make your dreams come true and trust we will not let you down!

Matteo Mantovani
Technical Director, CEO