NCS & JAC Motors

NCS into the global market of ergonomics for automotive with JAC Motors

The Automotive sector has been for NCS one of the main passions since 2003, when Marcello Fantuzzi and Matteo Mantovani (respectively Technical Director & President and CEO of NCS Company) combined their expertise in rapid prototyping and engineering, making RP and additive manufacturing one of the main core businesses and beating heart of the Company, counting among their customers very important brands worldwide that have chosen NCS for the production of small prototypes or real display models.

Automotive  is now facing important and ambitious challenges: it is not just about designing more performing machines or innovative design, but it is about the actual need to look to the future (we can mention electric cars and self-drive cars).

This is the spirit of the partnership between JAC Motors and NCS: a long-term goal (2020 – 2040) that aims at  becoming together international players in the world of automotive ergonomics by developing electric cars with independent driving.

JAC Motors is the Chinese industrial giant with a global production of vehicles that are marketed all over the world and a production volume of more than 700,000 units per year.

Chinese cars with an Italian soul: the JAC style centre is in fact located in Turin, in Pianezza to be precise, where the staff headed by Daniele Gaglione, (Architect, born in 1974, director of the Jac Italy Design Centre since 2018), has developed projects for JAC S2, S3, S5, SC-9 Concept, SC-5 Concept, S4.

Today JAC, through the support of NCS, aims at becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of electric self-driven cars.

NCS, thanks to the R&D department that has developed two specific projects SHoW Motion and Cogito Ergonomic, will perform studies and evaluations on vehicle ergonomics through motion kinematics detection systems with inertial sensors.

All the companies in this sector, from automakers to traditional companies in tech sector, are attending this self-guided competition.

It’s not science fiction, then, but a real and achievable arrival point for NCS and JAC, combining the expertise of Gaglione’s team and the experience, passion and innovation that makes NCS grow every day, becoming a pioneer of new and cutting-edge technologies.

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