Laser sintering creates solid prototypes and objects for any industrial field

We have several technologies for rapid prototyping.
We use SLS (selective laser sintering) and alternative technologies such as SLAs and DMLS used for more specific prototyping needs.

These are useful tools and processes for creating solid objects thanks to the overlapping and sintering of successive layers of materials with different characteristics, which are melted by the action of a CO2 laser beam.

The versatility of these technologies allows their application in virtually any industrial field





The realization of an idea and the achievement of a production goal is a delicate and complex process, which often has to be completed in a short time and with limited resources.

For this reason we have developed a lean and flexible working method, in which the continuous and fluid exchange of information with the customer guarantees satisfaction: because we’re all on the same team.

Here are the 5 phases preceding the realization of a project:

Discovery > Strategy

  • Data collection | Analysis of needs, vision and trends
  • Strategy and objectives definition

Creativity > Engineering

  • Brainstorming and creative concept conception
  • Feasibility and effectiveness assessment
  • Definition of the action plan and programming of activities

Development > Technology and know-how

  • Materials consultancy
  • Process consulting
  • (Co)Design and/or (Co)styling
  • Modelling
  • Checking and Correction
  • Reverse engineering
  • Rapid prototyping, Additive manufacturing

Testing > Finishing

  • Testing
  • Surface finish and coating
  • Dimensional inspection and quality

Discovery > Strategy

  • Data collection | Analysis of needs, vision and trends
  • Strategy and objectives definition

The prototype takes on a new identity here: from an embryonic element to a tangible object, produced in a short time and endowed with physical and mechanical characteristics nearly identical to the actual end-product.

With unlimited fields of application, and thanks to the use of certified materials from it’s own laboratories, Newcast Services has effective solutions for our customers. A strong team of experts and craftsmen with broad and deep know-how offer creative and innovative solutions


Fast and efficient industrialization. Constant, effective and timely assistance.
A staff of 15 experts including engineers, designers and chemists will assist you step by step in the creation and development of your projects. 10 rapid prototyping, stereolithography and CNC machining employees will be responsible for the production and finishing of the product. Finally, quality control gives you the ability to certify the realization of your objectives.

A unique partner from the design to the installation of aesthetic/functional parts for static and series models.

  1. Custom design
  2. Made of plastic or ceramic material or CNC
  3. Surface grinding and refinement
  4. Dimensional inspection
  5. Metal/carbon surface coating
  6. Painting service with salon and vernissage quality

A material for every application.
We have studied and produced high-performance, innovative and ecological materials and we are able to recommend those that best suit specific needs.
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Functional prototypes made with higher performance materials that guarantee a high realization of performance in many application sectors.

SLS – Selective Laser Sintering
This technology allows you to create durable parts, whether metal, plastic or rubber, directly from your CAD file, in a single day without having to depend on expensive equipment or skilled labor. From a wide range of plastics and metal materials, functional prototypes, custom products and small and medium batch series with precise and detailed parts with details up to 0.5 mm can be obtained. The models are adaptable to many applications that require high mechanical characteristics such as: elastic modulus, impact resistance and/or dimensional stability. Sintered powders are also able to withstand temperatures of 180° C and also have satisfactory resistance in the presence of solvents and humid environments.

DMLS – Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Through the sintering of metallic powders, SLS systems allow us to provide metal series or mould inserts for pre-series in a few weeks instead of months.

SLA – Stereolithography
SLA represents the most advanced and proven solid imaging technology in the world. Applications range from the construction of prototypes for aesthetic and functional testing, models for vacuum moulding, prototypes for assembly tests, mountability and snap-on coupling, masters for silicone replicas to the completion of small resin productions.

FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling
FDM is a commonly used additive manufacturing technology for modeling, prototyping and manufacturing applications

The SLS powders we produce have been studied in order to improve at the maximum level their peculiar characteristics
They are 100% recyclable, resistant up to 180°C and to many acids and solvents.

Guarantee of a good superficial finish without necessity of further mechanical workmanships.
This very innovating technology gives its best in the production of medium and large series of complex geometries’ objects both in steel or titanium

3 and 5 axis CNC machining centres.
Possibility of production of small series.
Molding manufacturing through SLS Xtreme milling for investment casting.

  • Workmanship, casts for carbon lamination.
  • Workmanship, manufactured articles and casts for carbon lamination.

Welding service for Titanium and other reactive metals.

NCS offers a welding service for oxygen extremely reactive materials, such as Titanium. Because we do believe that customization is about technology and design and also the possibility of choosing the best material for your product.

Prototipi estetici e funzionali: resistenti,leggeri,belli.
Nell’ottica dell’ottimizzazione funzionale dei prototipi, il processo di Metal Coating (rivestimento metallico) è un trattamento innovativo che permette di aumentare significativamente le caratteristiche meccaniche dei materiali, una tecnologia con costi contenuti, rapida e garantita nel tempo.

NCS la racchiude in XtremeX4Lightest, insieme a tutte le sue conoscenze tecnologiche e i trattamenti più efficaci per alleggerire i suoi particolari ed aumentarne le prestazioni.

  • Reverse Engineering
    Metodo di scansione laser utilizzato per generare immagini matematiche tridimensionali da oggetti esistenti


  • Controllo dimensionale, certificazione e controllo qualità
    Utilizzando la tecnologia reverse engineering viene effettuato il controllo dimensionale tramite il confronto fra il modello matematico e le dimensioni ottenute dalla nuvola di punti rilevata dall’oggetto finito, con una precisione di 0,05 mm.

Realizzazione di preserie.
Dopo aver progettato gli oggetti ed aver verificato la validità del progetto tramite prototipazione rapida è possibile produrre una preserie come lotto pilota.
Per costruire uno stampo in silicone si parte dall’oggetto da replicare, che dopo essere stato opportunamente processato, viene utilizzato per produrre l’impronta nello stampo.


NCS's rapid prototyping materials have been designed and manufactured entirely in our laboratories to improve quality and ensure a unique raw material.

The technology mainly used in NCS is SLS (Selective Laser Sintering): it allows the creation of parts through the selective sintering of layers of material that form objects, starting from a 3D CAD mathematical model.

This technology offers many economic advantages, it is fast, flexible and highly automated, and also avoids the costs of producing moulds and other tools.

Freedom of application incredibly increases the development potential of each new project, making ideas closer than ever to reality.

  • Xtreme
  • XtremeHS
  • XtremeHS+
  • XtremeNOIR
  • XtremePREMM
  • Ceramic BIO
  • XtremeWHITE
  • XtremeWHITE | MD
  • FlexForm
  • FlexSTAR
  • LightForm
  • Aluminium AlSi10Mg
  • Titanium Ti64 / Ti64 ELI
  • CobaltChrome MP1
  • FDM Carbonio
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