DOSE, Design Open Source Experiment, is an online scouting community for young designers willing to work in group projects which will pave the way for bigger projects.
The founder of DOSE, Fabio Ferrante commissioned NCS to prototype the DOSE Elytron, the project conceived by the community.

Who is Fabio Ferrante?

Fabio Ferrante is an Italian designer formed in Turin where he started working as Product Designer in 2003. In 2010, after working with high profile brands such as FCA Group, Alfa Romeo and Volkswagen group, he became Chief Designer of Puritalia Automobili, a new Italian automotive company that produces limited edition sports cars.
In 2013 Ferrante moved to New York, where he works with several clients on different Product Design projects.
After winning the 5 International Design Awards Ferrante launched DOSE in 2017.





What is DOSE?

DOSEDesign Open Source Experiment – is an online community where all members can be part of virtual design teams and create transportation design projects from first sketch to prototype. DOSE offers participants the opportunity to broaden their portfolio by sharing ideas and cooperating with a team to bring an idea to a prototype.

Ferrante launches a car design project with the respective guidelines to the community and all members are invited to participate and compete in order to be on a select team.
In each creative area a contest is announced and at the end, the winning idea is evaluated by Fabio Ferrante. The selected team is then supervised by Fabio Ferrante during the development process.

DOSE Elytron

DOSE Elytron is the name of the car design project born from the DOSE community and manufactured through the collaboration of Ferrante and NCS.
The DOSE Elytron is a concept of an electric hypercar. Concept cars such as Pininfarina ModuloCadillac Cyclone or the Norman Timbs Special, had an important influence on this project.


The NCS/Ferrante collaboration is a result of a long standing business relationship (and friendship) between Fabio Ferrante and Marcello Fantuzzi, Technical Director & President of NCS | Newcast.
In October of 2018, Ferrante sent NCS Proto and Style team the specifications of
the project and a model of the Elytron. The team reverse engineered and quickly built and assembled a 1:5 scale prototype. The NCS team worked in record time to complete the project while sharing their progress with Ferrante who in turn posted these updates with his followers on Instagram.


The project’s success came about as a result of the NCS team paying close attention to detail while perfecting every single component of the DOSE Elytron design.

Components are made in selective laser sintering (SLS PA12). The rear extractor is made of carbon fiber as the front splitter, headlights are in watershed, a transparent material similar to real headlights and, last but not least, wheels are made of aluminium.

The most interesting part of the prototype and in great detail are the wheels. Wheels are detached from the body of the prototype and held together thanks to a small dice in the middle. The Proto & Style team also created a key to mount and dismount the wheel.
When all pieces were assembled the Elytron was coated and the 21st of December 2018 the prototype was released.

The DOSE Elytron was very popular and successful on social media as a result of Ferrante’s satisfaction with the final results. NCS is proud of having been a part of this project and in the successful completion of this design masterpiece.