SCIGHERA, the motorcycle designed by Polimi Motorcycle Factory won MOTOSTUDENT, the worldwide championship held in Aragon where teams of university students from all over the world competed in several challenges.
NCS | Newcast Services followed the team step by step during the process of design from the project to the prototype of the motorcycle.


MOTOSTUDENT (5th edition in 2018) is an international competition for motorcycles designed by teams of university students from all over the world who build the motorcycle from scratch.
The race is becoming more relevant year after year both at a university level but also for the motorcycling sector too. More than 1500 students from more than 50 different universities in the world are involved.
The mission of every single team is to design, create and evaluate the motorcycle prototype that will be put to the test at the Aragon racing circuit.
Teams have to pretend to be the manufacturer and try to sell their product to costumers developing the industrial project of a motorcycle starting from a prototype.



The competition is divided into two stages: MS1 and MS2.

MS1: design, innovation and industrialization.
At this stage teams present their industrial project related to the hypothetical mass production of the prototype. Following rewards are assigned at this stage:
– best design award
– best technical innovation

MS2: dynamic tests.
The second stage comprises several dynamic tests to evaluate some aspects like acceleration, braking and manoeuvrability.
This stage concludes with a speed race made of 8 laps.


Polimi Motorcycle Factory is the team of the department of Mechanic Engineering of the Politecnico of Milan, born in 2015 from the ambition of 5 future engineers.
The experience of NCS in Moto2 Championships and also in other international championships together with the employment of innovative technologies and also the passion for the automotive sector, prompted the relation between NCS and Polimi. For these reasons NCS is main sponsor of the project and realized the official prototype.


NCS followed the team in this two-years journey, realising hulls, airbox, structural coatings, frame and swingarm made of steel and composite materials.
The technology used for the realization of the aerodynamic and structural part is called XtremeHS+.

NCS | Newcast Services’ experience, competences and also 3D printing technologies were available for the team of engineers of the PoliMi. SCIGHERA is the final result, a great value result.



SCIGHERA is the name of the motorcycle prototype designed by the PoliMi Motorcycle Factory. Scighera in Milanese dialect means “fog”, an omnipresent element during the period of work of the team!



This project, lasted two years, with tests and obstacles along the way, has payed off during the first weekend of October in Aragon, Spain.

PoliMi Motorcycle Factory finished 2nd at the MS1 stage and also achieved the top of the podium in dynamic tests, acceleration tests and highest speed.
The team also gained extra points thanks to the 2nd position in the mechanic test, the 2nd position in qualifications and 2nd fastest lap.
Winning the final race brought the Milanese team directly to the world champion title of Motostudent 2018.






Below the numbers of this success:

  • 1st MS2 petrol – Dynamic tests
  • 1st Place in Race
  • Best Acceleration 6”966
  • Best Top Speed 197,1 km/h
  • 2nd Best Mechanical test 0’28”400
  • 2nd MS1 – Design of the motorcycle, Innovation and Business analysis
  • 1st Motostudent petrol ( MS1+MS2 )



Since its earliest days NCS | Newcast Services was main sponsor of PoliMi Motorcycle Factory and it is moving for us having reached with you these results, as Marcello Fantuzzi, Technical Director & President of NCS | Newcast says:

“After the unfortunate debut of NCS & PoliMi at the 2016 MotoStudent, the team decided to employ all the enthusiasm, love and passion in this project with the sole aim of building a plain on wheels for the 2018 MotoStudent. And that was the result obtained… welcome to the #PolimiAirlines, congratulation to all guys!!!
The world is yours!!!”