NCS supporta la Transosseous Academy

NCS supported the 2019 edition of Transosseous Academy (TA), the association dedicated to the transosseous technology.

The prestigious faculty animated with original, interesting and novel topics the discussion providing latest discoveries in the field.

The mutual exchange of information and expertise and the connection between engineering and medicine is the mix that can be found at the TA in an easy and informal environment.

The opening of the meeting was hold by Prof. Castagna and Dr Chillemi, welcoming the attendee and presenting the content.

The discussion started from biology of an healing process and moved to biomechanics highlighting the connections and the current evidences. Of great interest the contribution from Dr Osimani wo studied with imaging the healing process at the interface tendon bone in a transosseous repair and compared the result with past collected information about anchors repair.

Before the lectio magistralis about the historical overview of RCR, a session dedicated to anchors and a mini battle animated the discussion (Dr Porcellini, Dr Paladini, Dr Inglese and Dr Capasso were the protagonists).

The afternoon session started with Dr Kany showing his original technique and experience with transosseous  and further covered several re-live surgeries. An interesting novel approach was presented by Dr Pellegrini.

The role of kinematic analysis as a viable way to measure clinical outcome in a double prospective was reported by Mantovani and Dr Sanders highlighting how this technology can change the way clinical decisions may be supported by evidences.

Dr Plachel presented the only study about long term follow up in transosseous evidencing how even in a range 12-18 years the good clinical outcome continue to persist showing that transosseous is not only safe but also effective.

The lastest part of the meeting was dedicated to the regional experiences in France, Italy, Holland, US and Latin America (respectively with Dr Kany, Dr Chillemi, Dr Huijmans, Dr Sanders and Dr Capasso).

This third edition of the TA was therefore a great moment of exchange and improvement, were the faculty animated and pushed the discussion in the audience that saw people coming from Brasil (Dr Godinho), Perù, Switzerland and many other countries. The Humanitas University Auditorium was the perfect location to host this annual meeting.

Transosseous Academy says goodbye to the beautiful and fancy Milan, and works for 2020 Edition. Stay tuned and above all, join TA!

Transosseous Academy