Surgical instrument to facilitate transposition of the gran dorsal tendon

The GE Transfer system helps transport the large dorsal muscle tendon in transpositions for functional reconstruction of the rotator cuff.


The GE-Transfer device gives advantages to this crucial step of the procedure:

• the blunt tip reduces the risk of damages to the circumflex bundle,
• the small cannulas entrance is manufactured smoothly, in order to avoid the sutures from getting frayed,
• the two cannulas are parallel, thus avoiding the graft from twisting,
• the instrument body is half polished and half brushed, to control unwanted rotations,
• the rigid construct of the GE-Transfer allows to create a straight path for the graft pulling, thus preventing
friction and stoppage against the greater tuberosity,
• The device pulls the latissimus dorsi graft sutures with equal tension, preventing the tendon fibers from being
• The GE-Transfer drives the graft in the proper position, directed laterally or medially, at the surgeon’s choice.