The Sharc-FT is a TITANIUM device designed for "tunnel augmentation" of Transosseal approaches for repair of rotator cuff headphone injuries.


It is designed for use in arthroscopic and/or miniopen surgery, using the dedicated Compasso® instrument panel or in combination with the Taylor Stitcher®system.

Allows you to repair rotator cuff injuries with the transosseous technique preventing bone cutting and pull out.

The Sharc-ft® system guarantees greater resilience and reliability in cases of poor bone quality (osteopenia), massive lesions associated with osteoporosis, tuberosity cysts, failures reviews and borderline cases in general, compared to standard techniques.

A single implant combined with a transosseous repair creates a large area of contact between tendon and bone for biomechanical effectiveness superior to the gold standard techniques.

The shape of the system, with the two slots placed at the rear and front, makes it a perfect platform for sutures.

In the front buttonhole which is inserted into the humeral head, 3 high-strength sutures can be loaded and pulled through the transosseous tunnel to allow the treatment of the lesion as usual.
The back buttonhole can be used to fold the tails of suture emerging from the footprint or for attaching additional tapes or suture.