A surgical instrument for the realization of transosseous tunnels.


The Taylor Stitcher® is a tool designed for the reconstruction of rotator cuff injuries using a transosseous approach.

The transosseous tunnel is created by applying force with a calibrated hammer (supplied) on the piston that controls the advancement of the STN Superelastic Transosseus Needle (1.9mm nitinol needle), specifically designed to protect the cortical support cortical area and allow the advancement of the needle, which creates a curved transverse tunnel (or more than one) quickly and with a predetermined exit point.

The needle is supplied single patient, sterile and ready to use.
The buttonhole at the tip allows you to drag a shuttle wire or a high-strength wire in the transosseous tunnel, with which you can subsequently approach the repair of the cuff, with a classic method.

The system makes it possible to carry out marked decortications of the footprint, useful for achieving a bone and tendon rooting, while guaranteeing maximum tightness, allowed by the transosseous approach.

The Taylor Stitcher® indicated in the treatment of rotator cuff repair, from minimal to massive lesions, ensures a constant and predictable cost for all cuff repairs while safeguarding biological compliance and treatment quality.

It can be combined with a “Tunnel Augmentation” system such as Elite-SPK® or Sharc-FT® in cases of poor bone quality (osteopenia), massive lesions combined with osteoporotic bone, tuber cyst and other limited cases in general.

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STN Superelastic Transosseus Needle®

The key component of the Taylor Stitcher® system is a sterile and disposable nitinol needle.  The STN needle’s multi-curved profile, guided by the Taylor Stitcher instrument, allows the creation of transosseous tunnels with an entry hole of only 2mm and an exit hole in the footprint area.



Taylor Stitcher® assembly and replacement of STN needle:

Taylor Stitcher® pure transosseous approach:

Taylor Stitcher® live surgery A.Castagna:

Taylor Stitcher®: video render

Taylor Stitcher® pure transosseus approach (live + commenti):