NCS Lab receives funding from the Ministry of Economic Development from its Horizon 2020 – PON 2014/2020 funds for development of TOTEM (TOTal Ergonomic Measurement Platform). 

The project involves the development of a device  for real-time, validated tracking  of worker’s  ergonomic behavior during their daily activities.


TOTEM allows the user to:

  • Track, quantify and analyze user movements
  • Automatically recognize specific tasks
  • Suggest corrections to prevent wrong and potentially harmful movements

The goal is to protect the health of an employee, increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies; This high-tech device will monitor and detect the causes of the most common occupational injuries and to identify and prevent the reporting of false injuries.

TOTEM will use virtual-reality and inertial sensors to display workers movements on a screen in order to provide immediate feedback to the worker. This will allow multiple workers to be evaluated and monitored without the need for a dedicated observer. This has major implications for improving and monitoring employee health, efficiency and financial savings to the company.

Thanks to TOTEM the worker will be able to correct potentially harmful behavior during exercise and work by learning to perform every movement in the best way to avoid  compensation movements often harmful to the person’s health.
TOTEM will analyze and record the results of a worker’s single session and will create a report comparing and identifying any changes from previous sessions.

The High-tech nature of TOTEM will further assist in creating a “smart factory” to help ensure a safe working environment and improve work quality.

The project is a collaboration among NCS Lab and Istituto Clinico Polispecialistico (COT) for the development phase and the Campus Biomedico di Roma for scientific validation, accuracy and real-world usability. The results of this collaboration will be to commercialize a functional product, optimized and integrated with apps and  ease of use.