NCS & Polimi, insieme

PoliMi e NCS Company together for a new green project: Electric

As in the past five years, NCS Company has been calling to support PoliMi Motorcycle Factory.

Who is PoliMi

PoliMi Motorcycle Factory (PMF) is a legitimate racing team, which began in the Mechanical Department of the Politecnico di Milano. It currently participates in Motostudent, an international competition against universities from all over the world.

Why MotoStudent

The purpose of MotoStudent is to allow students apply the knowledge that they have acquired during their studies and verify it in a competitive situation. The tasks and problems that the team members have to overcome are the same problems that are faced by every professional team racing in international competitions.

For this reason, they have to project, develop, build and assembly all the components and the electronic. Moreover the team also needs good organisation and logistics during events and presentations of the prototype, effective collaborations and relationships with sponsors and suppliers as well as promoting the team image and the prototype on social media.

The collaboration with NCS

Since the first edition in which PoliMi has participated with NCS , MotoStudent IV 2015-2016, the results have been immediately encouraging. With the project ‘’Scighera’’, thanks to the extraordinary commitment of the team and the help of NCS for molds and fairings, the PoliMi Team been able to realize a motorcycle prototype with above-average-performance, and the score that they reach had never been achieve before in a MotoStudent competition.

To a more green race

This new season raises the bar, the goal is to create a new prototype called “Electric” which will be competing in electric category of MotoStudent.

For this project, the NCS Team of experts in rapyd prototype has realized the molds adapted to a 100% electric motorcycle. expecting an aerodynamic fairing which can provide exellente performance; paving with PoliMi the way towards the motorcycle races of the future.

>>>SCIGHERA wins MOTOSTUDENT 2018, the world championship>>>