Simplicity for arthroscopic Transosseous


GT Tunneler (GT-T) is a tunneling device for Transosseous rotator cuff repair. GT-T is a quick and easy way to create transosseous tunnels in the humeral head.

GT Tunneler is indicated for the repair of any type of rotator cuff tear pattern by allowing to pierce the humeral head, and it’s designed to achieve a durable transosseous repair configuration.

GT Tunneler is for single use and can be used to create multiple bone tunnels without the need of additional instrument sets. The tip is equipped with auto-guidance internal system designed to fit the anatomy of the greater tuberosity in order to facilitate the insertion and use. The straight tunnel shape avoids the risk of suture slack and provides a stable fixation over time.


The GT Tunneler is inserted into the patient’s arm and the anterior part of the cannula is placed on the large tuberosity.

The anterior cannula has a special profile designed to fit the shape of the greater tuberosity. Once the correct positioning of the handle is verified, the GT-T drill, located inside the handle, is gently tapped creating the desired transosseous tunnel.

No additional instrument
Cost Effective
Single use
Extremely easy to use
Straight Tunnel
Designed to provide a long-lasting fixation
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GT Tunneler is made of:

  • Stainless steel cannula
  • K-wire

GT-Tunneler video's by Dr. Pol Huijmans

Making of the tunnels

 U-configuration with Dexter Training Model

Arthroscopic RCR with the GT-T: U-configuration