Dexter™ Training model: Why training in surgery matters

Dexter™ Training model: Numbers don't lie

Training matters.


Andre Agassi was committed to  hitting 1 million tennis balls each year, because his father told him, “numbers don’t lie”. A child who hits one million balls each year will be unbeatable.” During his career as a tennis athlete, he trained by running in the LA desert with his coach and spent countless hours in the gym.


The Olympic champion, swims 5 hour each day, Monday through Saturday. On odd days, in addition to her swimming routine she adds a few hours of muscle toning at the gym and ends it with a session of stretching.


The day of this Olympic champion used to begin at 9 AM when she would go to the swimming pool to train for an hour and a half with a facilitating platform and dry trampoline. She would later come back to the pool, where she would train all afternoon untill 6.30 pm. Tania also added hours of training at the gym where she lifted weights and strength exercises.


This Jamaican athlete, said he used to train 6-7 days a week for three hours each day. His training routine includes plyometric training mix (exercises to develop muscle power), weights, all types of jumping, squats, push-ups in suspension, lunges with the dumbbell, abdominal and trunk muscle strengthening, without neglecting upper limb training.

As a runner, a good part of his training hours is focused on core stability (keeping balance on the move).


Cristiano Ronaldo has a severe training schedule, where he works out seven days per week: Cardio activities, tread-mill, push-ups, pull-ups, abdominals, lunges and lunges with dumbbells on odd day. On even day, he has a lighter routine training.


These are a few examples of athlete’s training routines. They continue to hone their skills with passion and sacrifice every-day to become a champion.

Right now, even during this time when the Olympic games, championships, and races have been delayed due to the virus, athletes continue their training in their homes.  Their motivation and dedication, helps them avoid the “detraining phenomenon”, and to stay healthy and fit. Some of them, in their videos posted on social media, say that they don’t want to stop, they can’t stop.

Why for a surgeon should this be any different?  As a champion in your clinic and operating room your hard-earned skills are important to the world and to your patients.

There’s no better way to practice and condition your talents than with a Dexter™ training model. 

You have amazing skills built on experience, practice and continuous improvement. Dexter™ wants to help you keep it that way and, maybe, it allows you to develop some new ideas, your winning ace or shot, while practicing!

“Numbers don’t lie”.

Matteo Mantovani
Technical Director, CEO

Letter from Matteo Mantovani, NCS CEO: "Who we are and where we are going in the coming year"

NCS: la nostra identità e i nostri obiettivi 2020

Dear Partner,
It is my pleasure to provide you with an update about who we are and where we are going in the coming year.
I am excited about our many accomplishments and hope that you will be inspired to bring us your ideas and dreams so together we can demonstrate to the world what is possible when great companies work together.

For those of you who don’t know NCS very well it is worth a few comments about who we are and where we’re going.
NCS is a research lab and boutique manufacturer with early roots in the motorsport field and expansion into the  medical field nearly 15 years ago.  

Multiple development and research projects have been completed during this time in a wide variety of  products including prosthesis, internal-external fixation, sports medicine, in vitro diagnostics and lately wearables and electrical stimulation.  We have worked with market leading companies and small start-ups with the same commitment and goal; on time, on budget and with the sole purpose of delivering a superior and unique solution.

Under a single roof we have integrated expertise in materials, processes, engineering, testing, regulatory, biomechanics, electronics, software, and manufacturing.
In short, we are capable of providing everything you need to meet your goal of creating your own product line or helping your customers take their ideas from a dream to reality.

We can provide countless examples of individuals and large companies who came to NCS after exhausting all other possibilities in their quest to bring their idea to reality or their challenge to completion. They were all amazed by the speed, efficiency and results of working with NCS.

This is what we do: we care about your project, we care about our commitments  and we work hard to  bring you a great product on time and on budget!
At NCS we are passionate  about what we do, and we really want you to be successful in order to compete in this difficult global market.
So, don’t be shy, think big and give us a chance to help make your dreams come true and trust we will not let you down!

Matteo Mantovani
Technical Director, CEO

NCS Lab receives funds through the European Union's Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program

NCS Lab benefits from EU Funding for Horizon 2020 Call

NCS Lab s.r.l. was founded in 2003 and is an innovative SME from Carpi, which operates in various industrial sectors and in particular in the biomedical field. NCS can be considered a pioneer in the application of inertial sensors to the analysis of joint kinematics aimed at monitoring post-injury recovery or progress of the patient following a treatment as well as the evaluation of the joint loads in the various anatomical districts.

NCS Lab proudly announces the awarding of the prestigious Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation grant – SME Instrument Phase 1 promoted by the European Union, within the grant agreement No 876376 for a budget of 50,000 euros.

The NCS team developed the Showmotion project: a new method for monitoring the health status of orthopedic / physiotherapy patients through the use of a SW platform based on inertial sensors.

Showmotion is an innovative tool for the complete analysis of movement and muscle activity.

Through the use of an inertial platform and validated protocols for the upper and lower limbs, Showmotion can measure, record, segment, compare, display the movements and provide a visual representation of the variables involved, allowing a real-time analysis of the movement.

Thanks to ShowmotionTM it is therefore possible:

  • Identify and describe changes in movement
  • Highlight compensation strategies
  • Provide biofeedback input for the correct execution of the movement
  • Quantify the evolution of treatment over time
  • Compare the results with the expected outcomes
  • Acquire data to assist “future movement” decisions

Showmotion, NCS Lab patented technology, is now released as a medical device and available for sale to the international market (EU, USA).

Thanks to the grant received from the European Union, an industrial plan has been implemented with the aim of making this innovative technology available on a large scale, thus generating value for all orthopedic / physiotherapy patients.

An eventful November

Event calendar November 2019

November will be a month full of events for NCS.
We would like to inform you about:

MEDICA (18 to 21 November, 2019): World Forum for Medicine based in Düsseldorf (Germany) .
This is a significant meeting opportunity for the experts of the medical field, which is the reason why MEDICA attracts the biggest number of companies each year. Being the most important worldwide event focused on medical devices and technologies, we will be glad to be there to introduce to all of you our latest news and our services for healthcare.

You will find us at HALL 15 BOOTH A29

Furthermore, we inform you that the day after we will be at Sheraton Arabellapark Hotel in  Munich where  XV Bogenhausener Schultersymposium will be held.
On November 22, 23 2019 XV Bogenhausener Schultersymposium will take place.
This is a medical Congress focused on reverse shoulder prosthesis and mainly on Reconstructive and revision surgery of the rotator cuff.

Dr Claudio Chillemi, orthopedic surgeon at ICOT (Latina), will be there both days for:

  • Workshop on Taylor Stitcher (Nov.22 12.45 – 13:45 PM)
  • Scientific lecture about “Arthroscopic Reconstruction of massive retear” (Nov. 23 13:30 – 13:40 PM)

On November 28, we will be in our head office in Carpi (MO) from 09:30 to 12:00: on that day the meeting “Associati per Associati” titled “When Failing is competing” will be held.
On this occasion, we will talk about failure analysis and its competitive advantage as a basic tool for the analysis of the product life cycle.

The topic is treated by NCS  with reference to specific case histories: Industry , Public Health and Forensic field.
This can be an important matter of reflection acquired in different application sectors.

“WHEN FAILURE IS COMPETING” is an event organized by “CONFINDUSTRIA Associati per Associati” which is mainly addressed to:

  • Strategic Directors
  • R&D, Product, Project Managers
  • Quality and Regulatory Managers,  Production Managers.

We remind you that the attendance is free of charge, subject to registration within November 26, 2019.

NCS into the global market of ergonomics for automotive with JAC Motors

NCS & JAC Motors

NCS into the global market of ergonomics for automotive with JAC Motors

The Automotive sector has been for NCS one of the main passions since 2003, when Marcello Fantuzzi and Matteo Mantovani (respectively Technical Director & President and CEO of NCS Company) combined their expertise in rapid prototyping and engineering, making RP and additive manufacturing one of the main core businesses and beating heart of the Company, counting among their customers very important brands worldwide that have chosen NCS for the production of small prototypes or real display models.

Automotive  is now facing important and ambitious challenges: it is not just about designing more performing machines or innovative design, but it is about the actual need to look to the future (we can mention electric cars and self-drive cars).

This is the spirit of the partnership between JAC Motors and NCS: a long-term goal (2020 – 2040) that aims at  becoming together international players in the world of automotive ergonomics by developing electric cars with independent driving.

JAC Motors is the Chinese industrial giant with a global production of vehicles that are marketed all over the world and a production volume of more than 700,000 units per year.

Chinese cars with an Italian soul: the JAC style centre is in fact located in Turin, in Pianezza to be precise, where the staff headed by Daniele Gaglione, (Architect, born in 1974, director of the Jac Italy Design Centre since 2018), has developed projects for JAC S2, S3, S5, SC-9 Concept, SC-5 Concept, S4.

Today JAC, through the support of NCS, aims at becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of electric self-driven cars.

NCS, thanks to the R&D department that has developed two specific projects SHoW Motion and Cogito Ergonomic, will perform studies and evaluations on vehicle ergonomics through motion kinematics detection systems with inertial sensors.

All the companies in this sector, from automakers to traditional companies in tech sector, are attending this self-guided competition.

It’s not science fiction, then, but a real and achievable arrival point for NCS and JAC, combining the expertise of Gaglione’s team and the experience, passion and innovation that makes NCS grow every day, becoming a pioneer of new and cutting-edge technologies.

Download pdf press release

JAC Motors >>>

Transosseous Academy 2019

NCS supporta la Transosseous Academy

NCS supported the 2019 edition of Transosseous Academy (TA), the association dedicated to the transosseous technology.

The prestigious faculty animated with original, interesting and novel topics the discussion providing latest discoveries in the field.

The mutual exchange of information and expertise and the connection between engineering and medicine is the mix that can be found at the TA in an easy and informal environment.

The opening of the meeting was hold by Prof. Castagna and Dr Chillemi, welcoming the attendee and presenting the content.

The discussion started from biology of an healing process and moved to biomechanics highlighting the connections and the current evidences. Of great interest the contribution from Dr Osimani wo studied with imaging the healing process at the interface tendon bone in a transosseous repair and compared the result with past collected information about anchors repair.

Before the lectio magistralis about the historical overview of RCR, a session dedicated to anchors and a mini battle animated the discussion (Dr Porcellini, Dr Paladini, Dr Inglese and Dr Capasso were the protagonists).

The afternoon session started with Dr Kany showing his original technique and experience with transosseous  and further covered several re-live surgeries. An interesting novel approach was presented by Dr Pellegrini.

The role of kinematic analysis as a viable way to measure clinical outcome in a double prospective was reported by Mantovani and Dr Sanders highlighting how this technology can change the way clinical decisions may be supported by evidences.

Dr Plachel presented the only study about long term follow up in transosseous evidencing how even in a range 12-18 years the good clinical outcome continue to persist showing that transosseous is not only safe but also effective.

The lastest part of the meeting was dedicated to the regional experiences in France, Italy, Holland, US and Latin America (respectively with Dr Kany, Dr Chillemi, Dr Huijmans, Dr Sanders and Dr Capasso).

This third edition of the TA was therefore a great moment of exchange and improvement, were the faculty animated and pushed the discussion in the audience that saw people coming from Brasil (Dr Godinho), Perù, Switzerland and many other countries. The Humanitas University Auditorium was the perfect location to host this annual meeting.

Transosseous Academy says goodbye to the beautiful and fancy Milan, and works for 2020 Edition. Stay tuned and above all, join TA!

Transosseous Academy

Schedoni, the italian luxury leather goods icon for automotive chooses NCS Company

NCS & Schedoni, Together.

Schedoni, the italian luxury leather goods icon for automotive chooses NCS Company

Schedoni, the historical Italian company based in Modena, produces authentic luggage jewellery for almost 140 years.
Now, thanks to the agreement signed between Marcello Fantuzzi, Technical Director & President of NCS and Simone Schedoni, fourth generation of the family at the head of SCHEDONI, NCS enters the world of Luxury.

Schedoni is the first company in the world to invent “luxury luggage for the automotive industry”.

This is a story that begins in 1977 from the cooperation with Ferrari Automobili: since then, a costumized set of suitcases has been dedicated to each car model to optimize the spaces in the trunk.

It is a story that continues today with completely handmade coatings made of refined leathers, the bespoke suitcase developed for the best Italian and British automakers.
Unique objects that combine the leather of the car interiors with technological materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum machined by numerical control.

NCS has been chosen to enrich these products: complex metal details and components are produced in Carpi by the expert hands of the company’s team, which since 2003 has been the point of reference in Italy – and not only – in the automotive sector for which the company produces aesthetic and functional prototypes thanks to one of the largest fleets of machines for additive manufacturing in Europe.

NCS and Schedoni share the same passion for their work, the ongoing search for new solutions and materials, the desire to combine tenacity and “know-how” that leads the two companies in the province of Modena to stand out in their sectors: points in common that have created a new and important collaboration.

A prestigious partnership which makes NCS fly all around the world, and which honors Emilia Romagna: land of passion, land of engines, work and dedication to create unique “Made in Italy”, innovative and durable products.


Schedoni & NCS, Together.
Quality as a starting point.
From Modena.

Download pdf press release

Schedoni | Luxury Italian Brand >>>

Great success for " 3D Printing & Clinical Data"

Frontiere tecnologiche avanzate applicate al settore medicale

Great success for ” 3D Printing & Clinical Data”

What are the new frontiers in 3D printing? What are the benefits in the medical sector?
And what are the requirements for clinical data?

These are just some of the questions that were answered on Monday as part of the “3D Printing & Clinical Data” event.

NCS would like to thank the general public for their participation and interest in the topics covered.
NCS’s goal has always been to listen to the customer’s needs and turn them into concrete solutions for your business.

It has been a pleasure for us to talk about science and technology, to inform you about new requirements and to show you live what we can do.
Last but not least, this event represents for NCS the launch of our new headquarters, a bigger place to host so many of you and where we dedicate ourselves every day to the development and production of new products, solutions and technologies to grow every day.

In renewing our thanks to all of you who have participated, we also thank all the speakers and those who have made possible the success of this event:

  • Prof. Fabio Catani – Direttore Clinica Ortopedica Università di Modena
  • Dott.ssa Marisa Testa – CEO QA/RA Consultant, Thema Group
  • Matteo Mantovani – Technical Director CEO, NCS Lab srl
  • Marcello Fantuzzi – Technical Director & President, NCS Lab srl
  • Elena Varini – Director, Business Strategy & Operation

… e tutto il #TeamNCS

smile 2019

NCS | Medical Devices brings the transosseous to SMILE 2019

We look forward to seeing you from tomorrow to Sunday at SMILE - Shoulder Milan International Live Experience at the Humanitas Congress Center.
Tomorrow, February 28th, thanks to Professor Alessandro Castagna, it will be possible to attend a Live Surgery with the use of our Taylor Stitcher system for the transosseous RCR repair.

Our staff will be waiting for you at booth number 12 to replicate with the Dexter Shoulder Simulator the RCR intervention seen live!

    Live Surgery 3, ROOM E, 9.00 a.m.
  • Revision Rotator Cuff Repair with Transosseous
    The complete SMILE 2019 programme is available HERE.

NCS is waiting for you!



NCS is happy to present you DOSE: the hypercar prototype born from the Fabio Ferrante’s community of design

DOSE, Design Open Source Experiment, is an online scouting community for young designers willing to work in group projects which will pave the way for bigger projects.
The founder of DOSE, Fabio Ferrante commissioned NCS to prototype the DOSE Elytron, the project conceived by the community.

Who is Fabio Ferrante?

Fabio Ferrante is an Italian designer formed in Turin where he started working as Product Designer in 2003. In 2010, after working with high profile brands such as FCA Group, Alfa Romeo and Volkswagen group, he became Chief Designer of Puritalia Automobili, a new Italian automotive company that produces limited edition sports cars.
In 2013 Ferrante moved to New York, where he works with several clients on different Product Design projects.
After winning the 5 International Design Awards Ferrante launched DOSE in 2017.





What is DOSE?

DOSE - Design Open Source Experiment - is an online community where all members can be part of virtual design teams and create transportation design projects from first sketch to prototype. DOSE offers participants the opportunity to broaden their portfolio by sharing ideas and cooperating with a team to bring an idea to a prototype.

Ferrante launches a car design project with the respective guidelines to the community and all members are invited to participate and compete in order to be on a select team.
In each creative area a contest is announced and at the end, the winning idea is evaluated by Fabio Ferrante. The selected team is then supervised by Fabio Ferrante during the development process.

DOSE Elytron

DOSE Elytron is the name of the car design project born from the DOSE community and manufactured through the collaboration of Ferrante and NCS.
The DOSE Elytron is a concept of an electric hypercar. Concept cars such as Pininfarina ModuloCadillac Cyclone or the Norman Timbs Special, had an important influence on this project.


The NCS/Ferrante collaboration is a result of a long standing business relationship (and friendship) between Fabio Ferrante and Marcello Fantuzzi, Technical Director & President of NCS | Newcast.
In October of 2018, Ferrante sent NCS Proto and Style team the specifications of
the project and a model of the Elytron. The team reverse engineered and quickly built and assembled a 1:5 scale prototype. The NCS team worked in record time to complete the project while sharing their progress with Ferrante who in turn posted these updates with his followers on Instagram.


The project’s success came about as a result of the NCS team paying close attention to detail while perfecting every single component of the DOSE Elytron design.

Components are made in selective laser sintering (SLS PA12). The rear extractor is made of carbon fiber as the front splitter, headlights are in watershed, a transparent material similar to real headlights and, last but not least, wheels are made of aluminium.

The most interesting part of the prototype and in great detail are the wheels. Wheels are detached from the body of the prototype and held together thanks to a small dice in the middle. The Proto & Style team also created a key to mount and dismount the wheel.
When all pieces were assembled the Elytron was coated and the 21st of December 2018 the prototype was released.

The DOSE Elytron was very popular and successful on social media as a result of Ferrante’s satisfaction with the final results. NCS is proud of having been a part of this project and in the successful completion of this design masterpiece.

DOSE -----